The Process

Experienced Guidance to Craft Your Custom-Tailored Estate Plan

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  • Collect a snapshot of your financials
  • • The current balance on any accounts, checking, savings, retirement, investment accounts, etc.
    • The amount of your life insurance policy (if any)
    • The ownership status of the accounts, i.e. is the account owned by you alone, or jointly?
    • The ownership status of any real property that you own
    • The beneficiaries on any accounts or insurance policies

  • Decide who you wish to appoint as your executor, trustee, and guardian. Please choose a primary and secondary choice for each role.
  • Executor: The person appointed in your will to fulfill the provisions of your will. This person will coordinate with an attorney and the court. You should choose someone who is organized and can pay attention to detail.
    Trustee: The person appointed by your will to execute a trust, i.e to hold legal title to property for the benefit of the beneficiary of the trust. You should choose someone who is financially responsible and will advocate for the beneficiaries of the trust, often minor children.
    Guardian: The person entrusted with the power and charged with the duty to care for another person. This is the person who you want to take care of your child or children if both of their legal parents die. Remember that this can be the same choice as the Trustee or you can name someone different.

  • Discuss your specific needs, concerns, and questions
  • Review the snapshot of your financials that you bring to the consultation
  • Determine documents required to meet your family's needs
  • Provide detailed explaination of process & documents
  • After the Documents are drafted, you recieve a copy for review
  • Discussion of any questions or concerns based on the documents drafts
  • Revisions (if any) to draft documents
  • Final meeting to execute the documents
  • Final payment for services due